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Founded in 2008, FIBRA GROUP it is located in Barcelos, in the district of Braga, a region easily accessible by road. It is approximately 30 minutes away from Porto airport.
FIBRA GROUP is a human-sized Portuguese export-oriented manufacturing group of companies that operate in the clothing industry, producing all kinds of garments  for  the  international  market.  It  is  composed   of  FIBRASELVAGEM and MERMAID COTTON.
FIBRASELVAGEM is the end-to-end producing entity managing development, production and sub-contractors relationship. It is composed of two independent production facilities of different sizes, allowing to segment workload in accordance to the projects.
MERMAID COTTON specializes in customer relationship and export processes, from packing to final delivery.
Both companies work as one, sharing the same offices on the main production facility. We specialize in both sportswear and contemporary fashion, operating on men- and womenswear segment. As a full-product supplier, our range includes all kinds of styles on demand. Our customership is spread all around Europe, to Japan and North America. We pay great attention to customer satisfaction, always working from the perspective of a trustworthy and lasting professional relationship.